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ForumsWEPRWhy Would Anyone (in the right mind) Worship Satan?

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Pretty much self-explanitory.
Why? I am a Catholic, and here are a couple things. Why would you worship Satan, and end up burning in hell, when you could worship the Lord, Jesus Christ and end up in the Paradise garden?
Why? I don't understand any philosophy in it.
A couple more things: Sigil of Baphomet, they worship demons and heinous figures. Huh, to discover the "true self" or something?
Also, I am not a nut, entertainers actually do sell themselves to make it big, like here, in an interview with lead *****cat Dolls Singer, Nicole Sherzinger, courtesy of the Vigilant Citizen.
Don't be stuck in blind world!
Learn, and don't let them trick you too!

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